Stokes Sauces

Apple & Aspall Cyder 6 x 230g
Barbecue Sauce 6 x 300g
Bloody Mary Sauce 6 x 300g
Brown Sauce 6 x 320g
Club Sauce 6 x 300g
Coronation Sauce 6 x 360g
Cranberry Sauce 6 x 260g
Creamed Horseradish 6 x 220g
Hoisin Sauce 6 x 330g
Mint Sauce 6 x 245g
Redcurrant Sauce 6 x 227g
Steak Sauce 6 x 300g
Sweet Chilli Sauce 6 x 330g
Tartare Sauce 6 x 200g
Tomato Sauce 6 x 300g
Tomato Sauce 6 x 500g
Chilli Ketchup 6 x 300g
Chipotle Ketchup 6 x 300g


Relishes and Chutneys
Mango Chutney 6 x 425g
Piccalilli 6 x 380g
Real Ale Chutney 6 x 410g
Sticky Pickle 6 x 430g
Beetroot Relish 6 x 225g
Red Onion Marmalade 6 x 265g
Chilli Jam 6 x 250g


English Mustard 6 x 210g
Cyder & Horseradish 6 x 230g


with extra virgin olive oil 6 x 345g
with chilli 6 x 345g
with chive & garlic 6 x 345g                      
with garlic 6 x 345g
with herb 6 x 345g
with lemon and lemon zest 6 x 345g